Autolus were first introduced to the benefits of apprenticeships within the Cell and Gene industry back in 2018 by ATAC, when we recruited our first two apprentices as Technical Scientists under the apprenticeship scheme. We decided to take on apprentices as we view apprenticeships as a productive and effective way to grow talent and to also have the ability to adapt the training to the needs of the business, as well as an opportunity for Autolus colleagues to share their industry knowledge and skills with future talent. There is also an opportunity for the apprentices to bring a different perspective to the teams they work in and to grow with us on our journey here at Autolus. We have found our apprentice’s to be motivated to learn new skills and grow and develop with the business. We are also planning to use apprenticeships to upskill our existing staff to ensure we continue to invest in our people to develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. For Autolus we have found the benefits of having apprentices is motivated employees, with a strong sense of loyalty,  who feel valued and committed for the long term through development of skills over several years.