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Level 4

14 months duration

depending on prior learning

(does not include EPA)

£6,000 maximum funding cap

available from Apprenticeship Levy

Targeted for A Level students, new graduates or up-skilling staff with quality knowledge, skills and behaviours

Quality Practitioner Apprenticeship Level 4

Deploy effective quality practices to ensure ATMP organisations fulfil contractual & regulatory requirements of their stakeholders

The broad purpose of the occupation is to deploy effective Quality Practices in their responsible area to ensure organisations fulfil the contractual and regulatory requirements of their customers and other stakeholders. This includes four main elements:

1. Quality Planning (planning a delivery system for reliable outputs, such as implementing Quality Management Plans)

2. Quality Assurance (providing confidence to stakeholders that Quality standards are maintained, such as conducting audits)

3. Quality Control (verifying a product or service is meeting agreed specifications, such as carrying out inspections)

4. Continuous Improvement (preventing recurrence of poor quality through analysis and addressing the root cause of poor quality, such as conducting investigations)

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with a variety of departments and external organisations, being the advocate for implementing Quality Practice and Governance. Individuals will also support and develop people within and outside the Quality Function

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  • Understand organisations operating environment including markets & stakeholders
  • Products/services life cycle stages (such as Capture, Design and Development, Integration, Production, Support and Closure) and the implication for quality
  • Tools and techniques for managing the organisation’s specific products / services to meet customer requirements such as Quality Function Deployment, Lean Product Development and Design for Manufacturing
  • Principles of the foundation of Quality and Quality Management System


  • Identify, interpret and apply relevant legal, governmental or industry regulations
  • Identify, collect and analyse relevant quality data using appropriate tools/techniques
  •  Plan and conduct system, product or process audits
  • Identify requirements from technical documents, commercial input or stakeholder statements and converting to definitions that can drive the organisations processes
  • Apply structured problem solving including identification, definition, measurement, analysis, improvement and control methods and tools


  • Communicate using appropriate methods (verbal, written, visual) to influence internal and external stakeholders, using appropriate questioning techniques
  • Communicate organisational quality strategy to all levels of the organisation
  • Promote actively best practices and continuous improvement
  • Operates diligently with professionalism considering a wider picture
  • Act with integrity by being open and honest
  • Always put customers at the heart of every task

Entry requirements

  • Typically apprentices will be working towards a competent role in quality control or quality assurance
  • Apprentices without Level 2 English and maths will need to achieve this level prior to endpoint assessment
  • For those with an education, health and care plan, English and maths minimum requirement is entry Level 3

Progression routes

  • At the end of this apprenticeship, apprentices will have achieved level 4 apprenticeship in ‘Quality Practitioner’
  • The apprenticeship is aligned with professional registration at Practitioner with the Chartered Quality Institute
  • Further apprenticeships and academic learning in quality & management roles would also be open for further professional development

Training providers:

Training provider analysis

This is a new apprenticeship standard that was only completed by a cross-section of employers in September 2020.

Training provider analysis selected CSR Group as the preferred provider as they have developed training materials to support this programme, offer blended learning for national cohorts and successfully deliver other apprenticeships for ATAC

CSR Group
CSR Group CSR Group have experience in delivering advanced apprenticeships across science industries and are partnering with Advanced Therapy employers on this specific apprenticeship.

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