I work for Autolus, a biopharmaceutical company specialising in CAR T Cell therapy for cancer patients. I studied Bioscience at the University of Kent, graduating with foundation degree in 2021 and due to graduate with bachelors 2023 as part of a level 6 laboratory scientist apprenticeship.

I chose an apprenticeship because it offered the work experience and further knowledge development, I knew I would benefit from in addition to university. When working within the industry, you are surrounded by experts within the field, therefore always learning and challenging yourself, whilst making a difference for the patients as well as the research and development of a new treatment.

ATAC has helped support learning and development, including organising events to visit companies within the science sector, so students can learn about what else the industry has to offer whilst tying it in with university studies, making it relevant to aid further understanding as well as prepare for EPA.

What I have enjoyed about my apprenticeship is the impact I have had on the company as well as the patients. To know that patients have gone into remission and therefore have more time with family and friends due to the treatment we provide is a rewarding feeling. I also joined Autolus when it was a very small company, and to see it expand, knowing I have helped in some way to achieve it, is incredible.