More and more, we are seeing people learn in different ways. An apprenticeship gives a way for people to achieve a recognised qualification without sacrificing their job and the experience gained in the workplace. It helps both the business and the individual to develop, and the reward for both parties is greater than either first imagined. The main benefits of a workplace apprenticeship include employee engagement, talent development, bringing in knowledge from TOPRA and other businesses, and inspiring others to achieve.  In terms of challenges, they are mainly logistically or organisationally related. Although the scheme is well planned and communicated, it does require organisation from the apprentice and the line manager. It takes effort, but that makes the achievement that much more special.

I strongly recommend the apprenticeship scheme to anyone who wants to further develop their career. I think some people might fear the commitment and the length of the apprenticeship, but I think achieving an MSc in just a few years is great. Since the business has committed to your success, too, it will help you with discussions about your development.