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Job alert: Pharmaron is hiring an Analytical Scientist Apprentice

2022-05-29T19:08:34+00:0029 May 2022|News|

Programme: Technician Scientist, level 5

Training Provider: Cogent

Expected duration: 39 months

Closing date for applications: 27 June 2022

Interview date: July 2022

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What will the apprentice be doing?

The role holder will rotate around 5 groups that form the Analytical Sciences team, spending approximately 4-6 months in each group, before specialising in a single group for the final year.

The 5 Analytical Sciences departments are:

  • Analytical Development
  • Characterisation
  • Molecular Biology and Bioassay (Analytical Molecular Biology)
  • QC Microbiology
  • Analytical Applications

Main Tasks of Job:

Analytical Sciences:

  • Performing routine and cGMP testing for new product development programmes.
  • Development, optimisation, validation, and transfer of analytical methods.
  • Collaborate effectively across cross functional teams to deliver requirements of projects
  • Compliance with all company systems and procedures.
  • Understand and comply with HSE policies and procedures associated with working within a laboratory area and within a manufacturing facility.
  • Health and Safety checks.
  • Control of contaminated/hazardous waste disposal.
  • Responsible for the following administration duties:
    • Document Control
    • Collation of metrics including sample submission
    • Generate SOP’s and test instructions
    • Receipt of chemicals and consumables
    • Receipt of samples
    • Check expiry dates of chemicals and consumables
    • Archiving of data.
  • General laboratory housekeeping on a daily basis:
    • Stock Management
    • Equipment maintenance and back up
    • Laboratory cleaning
    • Waste Disposal.

Typical Activities performed in each department

Analytical Development:

  • Testing of samples to support Process Development.
  • Supporting the development/ establishment of analytical methods focusing on UHPLC and Capillary Electrophoresis.
  • Analytical method qualification and transfer.


  • Physicochemical characterisation of samples to support Process Development
  • Support the development/ establishment of characterisation methods focussing on Mass Spectrometry and biophysical characterisation
  • Method Qualification

Molecular Biology and Bioassay:

  • Biological characterisation of samples to support Process Development
  • Support the development/ establishment of biological methods focussing on PCR, QPCR, plate-based methods, impurity analysis and biological characterisation
  • Method Qualification, validation, transfer, release testing.

QC Microbiology:

  • Carry out the following laboratory tasks:
  • Microbiology media receipt, testing, and release
  • Utility sampling and testing, including TVC and endotoxin
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Microbial identification of isolates
  • Learning clean room behaviours such as gowning and aseptic technique

Analytical Applications

  • To perform routine testing for:
  • Utility testing including TOC, Conductivity and Nitrates.
  • Analytical development testing including techniques such as HPLC, electrophoresis and immunoassays.
  • QC batch release and stability testing.
  • Analytical method transfer.

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