I have been working for Oxford Biomedica (OXB) since 2017, within the Analytical Services Group (ASG). My team and I interact with various departments across the business, as well as external suppliers, to support with client and internal projects. I joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2014 as a manufacturing operator and later I moved to QC. As part of my Regulatory Affairs apprenticeship, I spent two years working with the OXB Regulatory team on a part-time secondment. I hold a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Aristotle University in Greece, where I come from.

In 2019, OXB offered me a Level 7 Apprenticeship in Regulatory Affairs, which I accepted without hesitation. On top of the apprenticeship, the company also agreed to cover the additional cost for completing the MSc, for which I am very grateful. The course was a perfect fit with what I wanted and needed, because it would allow me to become qualified in three years while earning a living and receiving on-the-job training. During the time of my apprenticeship, I really enjoyed working with regulatory professionals, learning about product development and regulatory strategies, as well as networking.

Through being part of ATAC, I have met people from many different organisations and I have attended various webinars and online training sessions that complemented my apprenticeship. I am also very thankful they showed me the way me to obtain the level 2 English qualification with very short notice, in order to allow my entry to the apprenticeship scheme.